bisharp: (Default)
swords dance ([personal profile] bisharp) wrote2017-04-08 10:46 pm

ToSGate; or, the Great Exodus

I am moving [ profile] prettyquills, [ profile] kyusung, [ profile] myotp (again!), and [ profile] kyusung_fest to DW for archival reasons. Posting here in reference and update to myself.

I'll probably also move [ profile] thesocialbbang for archival reasons, even though I was not the original mod.

Probably going to post a Dreamwidth Starter Kit here too. I made a tutorial on my main account, but sometimes being active on my main account gives me more anxiety than I'd like to admit, so it'll just be more relieving for me to use this journal for once to do something useful.

Also, this journal is only for LJ archiving/imports anymore (save for a few exceptions.) This is not my main. Don't expect regular updates here.

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